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Denise Seastrunk
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Dr. Denise Seastrunk began her career in nursing from Lousiana State University and  from there decided to pursue her master's in mental health nursing at Texas Woman’s University, and a Phd in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in  Carpinteria, CA.

“For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in beauty and physical health. I was a skinny and awkward teenager, with extremely fair skin and a nose that didn't suit me.  Socializing was difficult for me, and I longed to be confident beautiful and popular.

One day my father,  an MD, decided I needed to have a rhinoplasty when I finished high school to correct the bump on my nose.  That was a life changing moment for me.  I think it is probably the single most important physical improvement that I could have made.  I went from being a shy, awkward young girl to a beautiful woman. I projected the self-confidence I felt and others noticed it too.

 My quest for beauty didn’t stop there as I continued to look for the latest aesthetic trends while pursuing my nursing and psychology career.  I noticed that my my clients' depressed outlook changed when they made some simple changes to their appearance.

As I continued to  search for a way to combine aesthetics and psychology, I became the psychology evaluator at a weight loss surgery clinic . I saw how obesity affected patients and their self-esteem, many of them experiencing clinical depression. I decided to pursue a course in medical aesthetics and received my certification in botox and fillers, which has lead me to combining my love of aesthetics and psychology. I have also been trained in  Viora skin tightening procedures for every area of the body.


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I noticed changes after one treatment. Truly amazing! The treatments are painless and Dr. Seastrunk does a wonderful job of making it a relaxing experience!"
Jeanne M.

"I will use Viora to extend the time between my botox treatments. A satisfied customer!"
Jackie P.